How To Paint A Christmas Wreath

How to paint a Christmas wreath. Watch me paint this textured art for Christmas by Melissa Lewis

With the Holiday and Christmas season approaching, I thought it would be fun to do a “How To Paint a Christmas Wreath” video.

I am having so much fun creating these video’s and I thought it would be great to do some Holiday / Christmas painting video’s. This textured art Christmas Wreath was so much fun to paint. You said you wanted more painting videos, so guess what, I’m making them!

So here’s the thing, because I wanted this to be a texture art piece, I only used palette knives in the making of these wreaths. And the process was super quick. I always try to remind myself and you that sometimes in this loose style of painting with palette knives, it’s important to try not to control all your movements. Sometimes it’s easier to make yourself work faster for this reason.

Here is a list of the supplies you will need to paint your own!

  1. Gallery Wrapped Canvas ( here and here) A gallery wrapped canvas, or a 1.5″ width canvas, is important to use when painting these seasonal smaller pieces so that they have the option to easily be set out on shelves. A smaller width canvas would work, but that would need to be propped up on an easel of some sort or hung on a wall only.
  2. Heavy Bodied Acrylic Paint ( here and here) I used the liquitex heavy bodies paint in red and portrait pink for my berries.
  3. Artist Loft Acrylic Paint ( here) For my greenery, I used a mixture of the deep green acrylic artist loft paint and some other random green house paint I had on hand.
  4. 3 1/2″ Palette Knife ( here and here)This is my absolute fav palette knife. I use this almost every time I work on textured painting pieces.
  5. Skinny Palette Knife ( here and here ) A skinny thin-tipped knife is so important to have on hand. You can see in the video it was a necessary tool for sure.
I promise, this “How To Paint A Christmas Wreath” video will show you how fun and easy this Christmas wreath is to make. I hope you’ll watch and sit and paint with me. For more Christmas Tutorial’s, watch this easy Christmas Manger Painting Tutorial.
How To Paint A Christmas Wreath by artist Melissa Lewis


  1. Shelby

    What did you base your canvas with before painting?

    1. Melissa Lewis

      Hey there, I used a texture paint as a base layer.

      1. Chelley

        Can you tell me the exact texture paint you used please? I love the look.

  2. Holly

    Is the white (too later) just regular acrylic paint?

    1. Holly

      Not sure what “too later” like was. It was supposed to say top coat

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