Christmas Painting: How to Paint A Nativity and Manger Scene this Christmas

Watch this Christmas painting video to learn how to paint your own nativity scene or a simple baby Jesus in the manger on canvas.

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I use a mixture of acrylic paints and latex paint from any paint store.

I rarely use craft paints in my canvas paintings but I loved using Martha Stewart’s Gold as some added glitz on these to make them festive for the holidays!

These Christmas Mini’s make the perfect gift for your friends, family or teacher! They are great for decorating your home as shelf sitters or hanging on a gallery wall.

Here’s a complete list all the art tools and supplies I used in this video.

If you’d simply like to skip the painting and just purchase, you can find them here in my shop.

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  1. Patty



    could you show more on how to paint the canvas and what colors did you use ?

  3. Vicki

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Beverly Bower

    I’m loving the paint video for the nativity. Did you explain how you got all the layers for the background? I’m wondering if I somehow skipped over it of if it wasn’t discussed. Thanks, Bev

    1. Melissa Lewis

      Hi Beverly, thank you so much for watching. Because this was a live video I put on YouTube, I only videod the actual painting. The underneath layers is just a texture you can get from any art store applied to the canvas before starting your art. Thank you again.

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