The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Girl Entrepreneur

I’ve got the ultimate gift guide for the girl entrepreneur and girlboss friend in your life!

Y’all, how is Christmas less than 20 days away? Did it sneak up on you like it did me?

I had so much fun creating my Ultimate Gift Guide for The Creative Kid I couldn’t wait to do another. As a girlboss myself, I would love to get everything on the list!

This was also one of my favorite graphics too create because just look at all that fun color! I’m such a sucker for artsy and colorful.

And here we go, the ultimate gift guide for the girl entrepreneur.

  1. Studio Oh! Hardcover Medium Coptic-Bound Journal This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended this journal. I’m a big believer in journaling for anyone but for the girl who runs her own business or is a go-getter, keeping a journal has many benefits. This particular brand is my absolute favorite and I have a stack of these already all filled out. The special deconstructed spine is key here, the pages lay absolutely flat which make it so easy to write on both the front and back of each page. Definitely a must for a girlboss.

  2. Cozy Slippers with Faux Fur On most days as a business owner I’m working from home, either on my couch or in my art studio. I make it a point to get dressed every day as if I’m leaving to go to work BUT I’m not ashamed to say I keep my cozy slippers on pretty much the whole day. I mean if you can’t have certain perks from working from home, what’s the point, right? This slippers are perfect because even though they’re comfy they’re also pretty! And feeling pretty is a big confidence booster which is necessary when running a business,

  3. Monogrammed Porcelain Floral Mug Cute coffee mugs are a must! At least for coffee addicts like me I have no idea what I would do without them. I use at least one a day and I also collect them. For any of your coffee or tea loving friends, this is a gift that’s perfect for them! The best part? They’re so affordable. And so cute!

  4. Grapefruit Moisturizing Lip Balm You really can’t ever go wrong buying a girl some good lip balm. And did you know that citrus scents are known to help stimulate the brain and creativity. This Burt’s Bees grapefruit lip balm is perfect for your girl entrepreneur friend.

  5. She Believed She Could So She Did Travel Mug Just as a coffee mugs important to the girlboss, so is a travel mug. I love this one with such a great statement and pretty rose gold lid.

  6. Daily & Monthly Planner A planner is a huge must for anyone who wants to accomplish big goals and dreams. Now I’ve tried the tech version and I’ve found that paper planners are what works best for me. I’ve discovered through research this is true for most creatives and goal oriented business owners. This year is my first year going with the Day Designer. I’m trying this route because of its daily view page contains hourly schedule in 30-minute increments, top 3 priority items, to-do list and notes section. This will provide a way for me to utilize the Time-Blocking Method preferred by a lot of creative entrepreneurs.

  7. Wireless Apple AirPods Music, Podcasts and even YouTube are something I listen to daily. In the car I use my earbuds to learn from podcasts and listen to music while my boys are watching their movies. Even while I’m working on my laptop or at my easel painting and listening to something. These wireless earbuds really come in handy and make it so much easier to learn and grow and be inspired for your girl entrepreneur friend’s business!

  8. Grapefruit and Sea Salt Wood Lid Filled Jar Candle I’m such a believer in having not just an efficient and organized space to work in but also a pretty space filled with delectable sounds and scents to help motivate and inspire you to create and accomplish tasks. A pretty candle is just a necessity for an girlbosses workspace. And again, grapefruit not only smells yummy but the citrus scent will contribute to your motivation!

  9. Super Soft Knitted Throw Blanket A pretty and soft throw blanket goes back to the same thing I feel about having a pair of pretty and comfy slippers. There are times when your working on your laptop or even recording a video at your desk, you just need to be wrapped up in something soft and comfy. I love this blanket for having as a pretty accessory in the office or studio but also able to use for warmth and comfort when you need it.

  10. Watercolor Fruit Hand and Body Care 3 Piece Tin Gift Set Every girl needs some good lotion. This set is beautiful as well with floral watercolor labels in a pretty tin box ready to give as a gift. This 3 piece gift contains Grapefruit hand cream, Coconut Hibiscus hand cream and Blackberry Vanilla body cream with shea butter and all paraben free. This is the perfect gift!

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If you have any other gift guides you’d like me to create, let me know in the comments below! I’m really excited for my first season of gift guides and I have so much fun making the graphics for them!

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