Mini Barn Series Fall 2018

This special Mini Barn Series Fall 2018 was inspired by Fall – with soothing neutral earth tone colors and lots of textured art on canvas.

For some reason or another, I was feeling reminiscent on our time living in Iowa and Texas. Traveling back and forth from Tennessee, we were surrounded with the most beautiful country scenery, which included some of the most gorgeous barns in our country. I just had this barn art for the wall waiting to come out!

I’m so glad to have finally gotten some of these memories captured in lovely acrylic textured paint. This mini barn series Fall 2018 canvas series is perfect for shelf sitting or hanging on a wall.

Prints for this series will be available in the shop soon!

Because this is a small collection, and because they were pretty much selling as I was painting them, I thought I would offer a way for more people to be able to have this art in their home. I haven’t yet offered prints of my fine art collection, only my hand-lettered and painted illustrations. So I’m excited to bring this new line of barn art prints to you soon.

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