How To Paint Abstract Acrylic Art on Paper


Have you ever wondered how to paint an abstract? Or do you just enjoy watching videos of people painting?

In just a couple of weeks I’ll be launching my latest collection of all the pieces I’ve been working on over the summer break.

For the first time, part of my collection includes four original abstract’s on paper. Y’all, I have been feeling a deep pull towards abstracts for quite a while now and to be honest, I’ve ignored it.

Watch as Melissa Lewis paints an Abstract Acrylic on Paper

Abstract painting really requires complete freedom and a lack of control.

You need to be intuitive and open in way that isn’t really as necessary when you’re painting a landscape or a floral piece. I think, well I pretty much know, I just was resisting going there.

But I went! And let me tell you something, it was so much fun. It was fun and it was amazing. I felt truly uninhibited and just free to move. I wasn’t thinking about rules or what it was “supposed” to look like. I just went for it.


I thought it would be fun to share my process so I recorded a video of me painting for ya. Even if you know how to paint abstract already I always find that its fun and even inspiring to watch someone in their creative zone.