How To Get That Perfect Art Supply Bag For Creating On The Go


I’m here to share with you how to get that perfect art supply bag for creating on the go!

Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy running to take the time to create something? Or what about when you’re on vacation you suddenly get inspired and wish you had something to record your vision?

How To Get That Perfect Art Supply Bag For Creating On The Go by Melissa Lewis

I’ve learned in recent years to pretty much always take my art supplies, art tools and a journal with me whenever I am on the go! I’m talking even in the car pool line at school friend. My art journal is a place to explore my ideas, painting, doodling, drawing and lettering. It is a small and accessible place for me to practice, explore and brainstorm all kinds of techniques.

I keep my favorite supplies in a pouch so it’s easy to grab real quick as I head out the door. This is how to get that perfect art supply bag for creating on the go.

How To Get That Perfect Art Supply Bag For Creating On The Go by Melissa Lewis

Of course there are lots of art supplies and tools out there for on the go but these are what I tend to use the most!

Sometimes I even steal a couple supplies from my son when it’s necessary.

  1. Art Journal / Sketch Pad ( here) The Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook is my favorite for sketching at home and when I need to take my art supplies on the go. It takes acrylic really well and is also great for markers, watercolors and of course just drawing. You can also find it.

  2. Watercolor Travel Kit I currently have this set however I’ve also used this one and liked it just as well. It offers more colors but really that’s about it. They both come with a brush.

  3. Gouache Paint Kit I love having the option of using a different type of paint so I made my own travel kit for my gouache. You can purchase empty watercolor pans and put your paint color of choice in them. Then grab any empty tin or container to load of your tins in. (Get gouache here and here. For the pans, Here is a good option and this one.)

  4. Watercolor Brush Pens (Here and here) I LOVE love love these pens. I use them for hand lettering and painting. They make creating stupid easy! And they are so inexpensive. These are a must for your art supplies on the go bag.

  5. Black Pens  ( here and here) The Micron ink pens are really my favorite. They are great for outlines and adding dimension. They work great along with watercolors and other paints too. I always have a micron on hand.

  6. Black Markers (here) For sketching on the go and for faux hand lettering, Sharpies really are great!

  7. White Gel Pen (here and here) I am not even lying, hands down this is the best white gel pen. I use these every year when hand lettering my Christmas cards too. I love using white gel pen for adding fun little details on things.

  8. Pencils (Here and here) Of course any art bag wouldn’t be complete without a pencil. You can really use any ole pencil you can get your hands on. But graphite pencils really are great for drawing and sketching. These are the ones I have used since art class in high school.

  9. Small Ruler (Here and here.) This is a great tool to have on hand for sure. Usually when your sketching on the go you’re not too concerned with straight lines, but you just never know when you can use a good ruler for measuring.

  10. My top ways to overcome block and boost creativity free resource by Melissa Lewis

  11. Pencil Sharpener (Here) To be honest, because I have kids in school, I just stole one of theirs, lol. But listen, they are always taking my art and craft stuff so it’s only fair right. But any sharpener will do the trick.

  12. Eraser  (Here and here) Now you might think an eraser isn’t that big of a deal, you can just grab a cheapie from anywhere, or if you’re like me, steal one from your kids school bag. But, I would beg to differ. The wrong eraser can leave marks all of your page and just really ruin what you’re workin on.

  13. Carry-all Bag (Here)Here is where it’s all up to you. You can go the cute route, the practical route or just use a plain ole plastic baggie. Whatever works and is easy for you to take art supplies and tools on the go! I went ahead and listed some of my favorites for you.

art-bag-1.jpgHow To Get That Perfect Art Supply Bag For Creating On The Go by Melissa Lewis