Ways You Can Get Into Your Creative Zone

Sometimes I find it the hardest to be creative when I have planned to be creative. So what do you do now when you most need to create?

The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a couple of our faux painting jobs and all of my allotted time with child care has been spent there.  Today I unexpectedly had the whole day to myself while my little’s spent the day at their Grandmother’s.  I planned the day out accordingly to get the most use of my time as possible and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I stepped into my little painting corner… I froze. The creative mojo wasn’t there when I really wanted it to be.

So I just stopped and walked away.  Now, I don’t know what it is about coffee but it always seems to help … it could be the caffeine, who knows. Even the smell can be effective.  Please tell me I’m not crazy here y’all.

I realized that my mind was so focused on time that it didn’t have room to be free to just be.  I think this is a control issue really.  I’m trying to make it all work the way I want it to.

Y’all, this is so detrimental to being creative.

I put one of my favorite oils in my diffuser next and just sat in my chair, sipped my coffee and looked out the window.  I made myself just sit and breath and slow my mind down.

I also grabbed my bible and my journal and I read.  In the front of my journal I have hand written this scripture from Matthew.  It’s one that has really been influential to my way of living and when I get caught up in all the “things” and all the “wants” I always come back to this. 

When I shift my focus from me to Him good things happen.  Every time.

Y’all, I am a whole-hearted believer that when you are concerned first with what God has planned for you then even you can’t stop it from happening.  You may get in your own way every now and then, but again, you need to re-focus.

You can’t stop God from doing what He has planned on doing.

Once I sat still and sat with the Lord, I’m tellin you, the creative juices just started flowing. I was inspired.  I was intentional and mindful about what to create and why. And it wasn’t hard. Because it wasn’t about me. It is so freeing!

This is a picture of my angel wings as a work in progress.  By the time I actually finished there wasn’t any light left in the room to take a picture.

I can’t even describe the feeling of having such a large block of time, without the alarm set for pick-up’s, to just paint. I’m grateful I have pick-up times, don’t get that wrong, but every once in a while I’m grateful for the breaks.

I always send out pictures of my most recent work and projects to my friends in the newsletter club.  There’s a story behind these wings and I hope to share here on the blog later if you’re interested.  It’s a good one too, I know you’ll love it.

If you can’t wait till then to see the completed piece then be sure to sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be the first to know!