3 of My Favorite Things You Will Love

This week I have had so much fun discovering some of my new favorite things that I know you will love and become obsessed with too. What kind of friend would I be if I kept them to myself?  I’m not that kinda girl so I’m sharing them with you here.

Stitch Fix

Friends… because I truly truly care about you, I have to share one of my newest favorites.  

Stitch Fix has been around a while, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it.  They’re an online styling service that is personalized just for you. You are immediately assigned a stylist of your very own who hand picks items based on the style profile you fill out.  You pick the budget you want too.

So here’s the deets… you pay a $20 styling fee for each fix.  Then you get your first box at the date you choose. You can keep one piece or all of them and the $20 is applied to your total.  Now if you buy all the pieces you will get a 25% discount on top of that as well.  

However, if you decide nothing works, you send everything back (in the envelope and shipping label they provide) and pay nothing expect the $20 which basically pays for the stylist time spent hand-picking your pieces.

I would give it a couple of tries if you aren’t happy with the first fix.  I sent everything back the first time and then LOVED everything this time around!  You can write notes to your stylist and even create a Pinterest board for your stylist to look at as well.

I had these jeans pinned on my board and she sent them to me based on that.  And I’m OBSESSED!

Included as well is your style card that shows you different ways to style your pieces.

Let me just tell you as a Mom of 3 boys, two of which are toddlers, the only place I really get to shop is Target. Of course, we all love Target, but a sister needs more sometimes! This is the perfect solution. And you end up with clothes or accessories you maybe wouldn’t have even ventured out on your own to try (like the black embroidered jumper – which is my fav!).

Friend, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  And if you don’t want to spend the $20 to try something you may not like, you can try your first Fix for free.  I said FREE! You won’t be out one penny if you don’t like a single thing they send. AND you’ll have saved money on gas and if you’re like me, on a Diet Dr. Pepper just because you have to get a fountain drink every time you go somewhere in your car.

If you want to try for free, click here to get your first Fix without spending the $20 styling fee.

(and then come back here and let me know how much you loved it and love me for telling you to do it!)

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Alright, so Bart and I love to watch Netflix together on the weekends.  We search high and low for shows we can watch with our oldest whose eight that we’ll all like.

We found it in this show. I had seen some friends of mine talk about it on Facebook and decided to give it a shot even though I’m not a “sciency” show kinda girl.

WE LOVED IT!  We finished it in one weekend. 

And in complete transparency, Bart and I can’t wait for season 2.


Ok, don’t judge me if you’ve been on the podcast train for a while. Where have I been all this time?

One of the two that I can’t get enough of right now is The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.

She interviews some really get guest and you feel like you are just sitting around a table with them while your listening. T

Today I happened to stumble upon the one she did with Beth Moore and it was so fun. And she doesn’t interview just “christian people” so don’t think that because I just said Beth Moore. 

But, with that said, she does love Jesus. And she says the whole point of her podcast is to point people towards Him.

The Jennifer Allwood Podcast is my number two obsession.  As a female creative entrepreneur, I am all about everything she has to say.  I devour every word.  

If you are an business owner of any kind I think you’ll like Jennifer, but as a creative, she just gets us. She’s also a fellow faux painter and so there is an underlying understanding there, not necessarily a club, but really there should be.

Jennifer and her family live in Kansas City so I like hearing about her Midwest living which of course reminds me of our time in Iowa. 

Here is a bonus for ya if you decide to try out podcast… make sure to download the episode you want to listen to while your out.  I did not do that and therefor we’ve already used almost all of our data and it’s only the 10th.  Oops!

Ok friends, thanks for indulging me here on my Favorites lists.  I really do hope it helped you discover some new fun and helpful things. 

If you do check any of these out be sure to let me know. I’d love to chat with you and hear what you thought about it. So fun!