Mark Your Calendars for our Facebook Flash Sale!

I am so excited to be having a Sale this Thursday night on my Facebook Page.  

Can you see what my dilemma is here? Our current house is a bit smaller than we need for the size of our family.  It’s totally fine, I’m not complaining.  However the boys aren’t too happy having to share space out of their playroom with their Mama.  And let’s be honest, I don’t love stepping on trains and lego’s while I’m paint.  But it totally works and I’m grateful for this little corner of their room.

I’ve got some new ideas for pieces stirring around so I need the shelf space.  So I decided to have a Flash Sale on my current stock.  Everything will be available during the LIVE feed on first come first serve basis.  If you’ve been eyeing a piece… or if Mom’s been eyeing a piece (Mother’s day is just a few days away) … be sure to join me at 7.  

In addition to the sale I will be having a fun GIVE AWAY!

If you shop the sale while it’s live, you’ll be entered to when 1 FREE commission for an original and custom piece of art!  So make sure when you hope on you say Hi and let me know you’re there.

If you can’t make it to the LIVE sale I won’t be mad at ya.  I’ll have the video available on my page so you can still shop when you can make it home, put on your comfy cloths and get in front of your screen.

Be a good girlfriend and share the love with your friends … you can share this link to make sure they don’t miss out!

Okay y’all… I’ve got lots to do to get ready for Thursday night!  Don’t forget to set a reminder and make sure you like the Facebook Page so you don’t miss it.