How To Create Your Color Palette And What Paint I Use.


Want to know how to create your color palette and what paint I use for your next painting?

The other day I shared this picture of a color palette I came up with for some paintings I’m currently working on. I used a mix of some small craft paints and artist level paints to create a color palette. Really I just grabbed whatever paints I had on hand in the color I had in mind. After some little tweaks and add in’s here and there, I was loving it!

Here was the problem… I created these custom colors I didn’t have any more of the original colors left. And I needed more for the actual paintings. Lots more!

How To Make A Color Palette and What Paint I Use by artist Melissa Lewis
I made a quick trip to the store and took my friends over on Instagram along with me in my stories and showed in further detail on a Live Video over on Facebook. (PS… if you don’t follow me over there, go and do it now! I love to show my process as I’m working and it’s so fun.)

Also, I like to use artist level paints that come in tubes (these and these are my favorites) and have several go to colors on hand that I use often. However, sometimes I need more customized colors. My brain doesn’t work the way lot’s of other artists do where they take their tubes and mix colors as they go. I can do it, but why take that time when you don’t always have to.

How To Make A Color Palette and What Paint I Use by artist Melissa Lewis

I like to make it quick and easy for me so I go to the paint store and have my colors mixed up using acrylic paint.

I headed to Lowe’s and picked colors from their swatches that matched my colors from my palette and had samples made for me. Voila! When I know that I love them and they are just right I can go back for a larger quantity. It’s the perfect solution. This is the easiest way to create your color palette!

How to Create Your Color Palette and What Paint I Use by artist Melissa Lewis

Now, here’s a little tip… keep your color palette in your book or art journal or whatever you use.

I like to go back to my original color palette I created and write in the names of the colors I got as well as the original paints I used to create the color. Sometime’s I staple the swatches on the next sheet if I have those. You never know when you need to go back through your past work for inspiration. Or if someone commissions you for a piece that references these colors you’ll know what to use.

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