Two Ridiculously Easy Ways to Overcome Creative Block


Here are two easy ways to overcome your creative block and get to painting!

If you’re an artist, do you ever struggle with that dang creative block that seems to come from nowhere? Wonder how to overcome it? A lot of times as your working on finding that inner creative voice, you try new styles of painting. Well… if you are experiencing a block, or a difficult time finishing a piece, you may want to try these two easy methods!

I created a short video to help someone who recently messaged me about just this. I’ve experienced this so many times myself, and it really can be easier to overcome than you think.

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Tip One to Overcome Creative Block: Check Your COLORS.

We all have certain colors we are drawn to. It’s easy to spot them, just take a glance around your house or in your closet. What color’s appear the most? More than likely these are your favorite colors.

Now, are you using any of these in your painting? If you aren’t and you are having a hard time with your piece, try incorporating colors you love. Chances are if you use colors you love, you’ll be more energized and inspired to paint can easily overcome creative block.

2 fast and easy ways to overcome your creative block by artist Melissa Lewis.

Tip One to Overcome Creative Block: GO Somewhere You Love

Sometimes we need to physically go somewhere that inspires us. For me, I love to decorate. It makes sense since I also do decorative painting, like cabinets and murals, for clients in their homes. I also took a few interior design courses in college along with my fashion merchandising degree!

So one of my go-to places that instantly lifts me up and motivates me creatively are stores like Anthropologie and similar places. Their style and colors relate to mine. In addition to being inspired visually here, I’m also stimulated by the delicious smell from the candles and perfumes along with hearing the fun music as I’m walking around delighting in all the eye candy!

It never fails, I leave inspired and motivated to create.

These are just a couple easy ways that can help artists get back in their creative zone and overcome block.

I know, they seem so simple and it’s true, they are. That’s why they work. We can tend to overcomplicate things and therefore we create our own block. Take just a minute and try these to easy tips and let me know how they worked for you!

Do you have a favorite tool or method for breaking free from your creative block? I’d love for us to all share in the comments below!

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2 fast and easy ways to overcome your creative block by artist Melissa Lewis.